Delaware Restaurants Offering Gluten Free Menus

Cheeseburger in Paradise - Newark

While Cheeseburger In Paradise is not exactly paradise for a celiac, they still offer it's customers a gluten free menu. There is a need to inform them that you cannot have a bun with your cheeseburger, and some cases where you have to ask for your barbecue jerk ribs without barbecue, but they still leave you with plenty of options to satisfy your hunger.   Website

Outback - Statewide

Outback Steakhouse is a prime spot for a celiac. Every member of their staff is professionally trained and quizzed on Celiac disease. Their extensive list of gluten free items include the Alice Springs Chicken, lobster tails, and baby back ribs. With their fun atmosphere and amazing food it is an excellent spot for dinner of lunch. They also offer gluten free beer and other gluten free drinks. Please visit their website at:   Gluten Free Menu

Red Robin - Newark - Glasgow

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc., was founded on four core values: Honor, Integrity, Continually Seeking Knowledge and Having Fun. These core values are the foundation for every Red Robin decision from creating its mouthwatering gourmet burgers to hiring energetic Team Members and even to deciding new restaurant locations. They also are the foundation for how the company treats its Team Members, Guests and communities. Red Robin’s core values can be found embroidered on the sleeve of every Team Member’s uniform, which serves as a constant reminder of what makes the company unique and special.   Website

Pizza by Elizabeths - Greenville

When we began talking about opening Elizabeths, we thought about what our ideal pizza "dining experience" would be. We decided that all toppings would be flavorful and interesting, and made fresh on the premises from the highest quality ingredients. The atmosphere of the dining room would be casual and comfortable, so customers would feel relaxed and eager to create their own combinations of toppings. On opening Elizabeths in June of 1993, we decided to settle for nothing less.  Website

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